Faith in a Wrong Things

November 5, 2014 - Supermoon

supermoon 11Those of us who are sanctified with a present of foreknowledge are also impeded with a abuse of Cassandra – no one believes us until it’s too late. Those of us who see themes and large cinema and base causes are ceaselessly undone by those who can’t or won’t see over their evident self-interest, or what they’re told is their self-interest.

And afterwards there are those who have radically opposite values, those who cruise government and control and patriarchy and theocracy are good things.

I demeanour during a formula of yesterday’s elections and I’m disappointed. I’m angry. And I’m usually a small scared.

I’ll leave a domestic research to those improved qualified. I’ll simply indicate out a obvious: in this century, conjunction celebration has been means or peaceful to do anything of square over catering to a desires of a really rich. And notwithstanding many tough work by well-intended people, third parties sojourn irrelevant.

This is over frustrating for those of us with a small vision. There are vital amicable ills that need to be corrected. There are injustices that need to be righted. Climate change, apparatus depletion, and class detriment continue unabated and no one is peaceful to even cruise effective action. This is what politics is ostensible to be for, to give leaders a possibility to lead and to plea a open to support a common good.

It isn’t happening. And if we cruise things will be opposite in 2016 or 2020 or 2024 you’re ignoring an ever-growing towering of evidence. The domestic routine is apropos increasingly irrelevant. Yes, when people are authorised to opinion on specific issues they mostly do well: dual some-more states ratified pot yesterday, and my devout home of Denton, Texas criminialized fracking (and was soon sued by a oil and gas industry). But no matter who is elected, a deputy democracy is broken, maybe over repair.

We are vital in an epoch of decline and there is zero we can do to retreat it. We can’t put some-more oil in a ground. It’s too late to forestall meridian change. Politicians’ shouts of “our improved days are forward of us” aren’t upheld by any evidence. We are fighting over a timorous cake and a really abounding are creation certain their square doesn’t go down.

We’ve put a faith in politics and government. We’ve put a faith in progress, in growth, in Manifest Destiny.

We’ve put a faith in a wrong things.

There’s a reason because Morrigan, a Goddess of Sovereignty, has been so active in new years. There’s a reason because She’s been calling priests, devotees, and typical people to retrieve their sovereignty, rope together with their tribes, and ready to fight. She desirous and upheld a Tuatha De Danann in their quarrel to overpower a Fomorians, and nonetheless nothing of us know all of Her plan, a pursuit in it is clear.

There’s a reason because there’s a flourishing seductiveness in normal sorcery – not a sacrament of Wicca though a hands-on use of healing, protection, and spell casting. Witchcraft is “the chance of a dispossessed, a powerless, a inspired and a abused.” Those of us who are sealed out of central avenues of energy will find other ways to use it.

There’s a reason because even my possess tradition of Druidry, historically a many regressive of a Pagan and enigmatic paths, is commencement to explore a darker side. The Priests of Nature know a predestine is tied to a predestine of a Land, a Sky, and a Sea, and we’re starting to know there are some times when we usually can’t be good non-threatening tree-huggers.

The domestic routine has unsuccessful as a primary means of changing a world. Those of us who put a faith in Democrats – or Republicans, or Libertarians, or Communists, or any other celebration – have been let down over and over and over again. There is no reason to design things will be opposite subsequent time.

Instead, put your faith in a Gods. They are older, stronger, and wiser than we are. They are not a providers, though They offer something some-more important: a event to be a partial of something bigger than ourselves.

Put your faith in your ancestors. They faced amateurish politicians, authoritarian monarchs, wars, famines, plagues, ice ages, and some-more and they survived. Draw on their knowledge and learn from their resiliency.

Put your faith in Nature. The Earth is 4.6 billion years aged and it will be around another integrate billion years. We can do good repairs and we can make it inhospitable for ourselves, though a Earth will remain. And if we learn to work with Nature instead of perplexing to browbeat Nature, a lives will be many easier and some-more secure.

Put your faith in your tribe. Alone, any of us can be run over. Together, we are many some-more formidable. Support your families of blood and of choice. Find common belligerent and common means with others. Make alliances and respect your commitments.

Put your faith in yourself. Do what we have to do to take caring of yourself and your family. Reclaim your sovereignty and use it regularly. Study, practice, and learn. Conduct yourself with honor, though ignore a manners set by others for their possess benefit.

I take no fun in this pronouncement. Self-reliance is good as a personal strategy, though as open process it’s an forgive for those with many to equivocate their obligations to a common good. we don’t wish a Libertarian intentional society. we wish a Scandinavian amicable democracy with high taxes, high benefits, and a high reserve net.

But not usually are we not going to get that, we’ve mislaid many of a amicable agreement of post World War II America, and a rest is gradually being outsourced and clawed behind in a name of profitability. Effective sorcery – or flattering many anything else – requires traffic with things as they are, not as we wish they were.

Don’t omit politics. Good does spasmodic come out of it, and if we cruise things are bad now, suppose how bad they’d be if a dominionists and theocrats were unopposed and unchecked. Vote, and if we feel called to do more, do more.

But don’t put your faith in politics, or in domestic parties. You’ll usually have your heart broken, over and over and over again.

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