Facebook didn’t locate feign ‘supermoon’ video as it racked adult 16 …

February 2, 2018 - Supermoon

Fake 'supermoon' on Facebook gets 16 million views

A Facebook Live video purportedly display a live perspective of a “supermoon” over Greece yet that in fact was a still design with breeze sounds combined was noticed some-more than 16 million times over 4 hours on Wednesday, apparently going undetected by a association even as some commenters forked out that something unlikely was going on.

The tide featured a nine-year-old still design of a moon over a Temple of Poseidon in a south of Greece. The design was overlaid with a tide timestamp and a sound of breeze was combined in an try to make it seem live.

The tide seemed as a initial video outcome in Facebook searches for “supermoon.”

The tide was posted on a Facebook page named “EBUZZ,” that notwithstanding posting usually a handful of times given Nov 2016 has some-more than 250,000 followers.

facebook supermoon video

The page appears to be run anonymously, and it does not offer a approach to hit a administrators.

The video was private from a height by late Wednesday afternoon, yet a EBUZZ page itself was still live as of Wednesday night. Facebook told CNN a video was private for violating a site’s policies. It did not contend because a page itself was not removed.

CNN dynamic that a print used was taken by Chris Kotsiopoulos, an pledge photographer. Kotsiopoulos told CNN that he had seen instances where his photographs had been used yet his accede before, yet never in this way.

It’s misleading because a page would have calculated a video in this way. The people who run it might have been looking to build adult their supporter base, that in spin could be used for other purposes, such as pushing trade to a website from that they make money.

While some viewers of a live tide seemed to tumble for a video, commenting on how pleasing it was, other users were some-more skeptical.

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“I’m extraordinary how this is a ‘live’ feed when a same design has been adult for 3 hours with a moon in a same spot,” one wrote.

Many of a people counted in a 16 million views total would expected not have seen adequate of a tide to comprehend they were looking during a still image. Facebook depends a “video view” when a user watches a video for 3 seconds or more, including those times when people see a video for some-more than 3 seconds in their News Feed.

It’s not a initial time a feign video of a high-profile eventuality has racked adult millions of views on Facebook.

In September, during Hurricane Irma, a video tide purportedly display “shocking video” of a charge picked adult some-more than 6 million views, yet it indeed contained video that was during slightest 9 months old.

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