Emerging artists intersect in Madison for a night of ‘Wisconsin sound’

November 5, 2014 - Supermoon

Maybe it’s a slow outcome of a supermoon, or maybe a stars are only aligning — though no matter a vast army in play, Thursday will be a good night for Wisconsin song in Madison.

Three shows via a city will put artists with Wisconsin ties in a spotlight, including Field Report, Daniel a Lion and Foreign Fields. The problem this presents for song lovers: how to locate as many performances as possible.

There’s a giveaway uncover from Milwaukee folk rope Field Report, during 8 p.m. during Ancora. With a group’s arriving sophomore album, Chris Porterfield and association have introduced some-more electronic elements to their bottom of understated folk-rock. The group’s latest single, “Wings,” has been generating hum among critics and fans via a country, and for good reason.

In a meantime, folk-pop twin Daniel and a Lion will title a uncover during a High Noon Saloon starting during 8:30. Hailing from Baraboo, Jimmie Linville and Daniel Pingrey now dwell in Nashville, Tenn. Chicago musician Cameron McGill and Madison singer-songwriter Corey Hart will open. Tickets are $8 in allege and $10 during a door.

And in a hours before a object sets, another organisation of musicians tangled in a Baraboo-Madison-Nashville web will play an outside uncover during a East Side Club. Doors for a Sunset Lakeside Summer Music Series open during 4 p.m., with Madison singer-songwriter Dietrich Gosser holding a theatre during 6 p.m. He’ll be followed by a set from Baraboo-Nashville folk-rock hybrid Boom Forest during 7 p.m., and a similarly-rooted electronic folk organisation Foreign Fields will play during 7:45 p.m. Tickets are $5.

Although a timing is a coincidence, Lakeside Music Series organizer Nate Baker thought, for a moment, it could have been orderly by PHOX guitarist Matt Holmen. It wasn’t a fantastic theory. Holmen played in a rope We a Living with Foreign Fields’ Brian Holl and Boom Forest’s John Paul Roney, and their Baraboo ties continue to bond them.

“They were formed out of Madison for a prolonged time,” Holl said. “I assimilated them in Madison, and we all changed down to Nashville. That’s where John Paul Roney bought this residence that is now christened with a name ‘Castle Redskull.'” 

Holl and Roney stayed in Nashville, and eventually some-more Baraboo musicians — Daniel and a Lion — followed. They all live within a brief bike float from one another, Holl said, adding that they’ve combined a “fun small community” in a East Nashville area.

Although many Wisconsin musicians are creation their homes in Nashville for now, Holl pronounced Foreign Fields still identifies with a “Wisconsin sound.”

“I would contend a heart is in Wisconsin and a artistic tendencies and impulse is still formed in Wisconsin,” Holl said. “The textures and all we add, it’s a childhood and all entrance by  — personification in fields and a rolling hills. There’s unequivocally a Nashville sound, even with indie bands, that comes from a small bit of towering song … though we consider that we’re still on a cold, grassy, wintry, icy vibe.”

The Wisconsin sound comes some-more from a sourroundings in that these artists grew adult than from a influences they’ve had on one another, Holl posited. 

“There’s arrange of a indifferent feeling in Wisconsin with even only a people — we consider we hear that come by with Field Report or Foreign Fields or S. Carey — any of those arrange of contemplative bands,” Holl said. “There’s a lot of unequivocally good folk song adult here that isn’t normal folk music. we consider that has some-more to do with a towns and people than what you’re surrounded by.”

Whatever a Wisconsin sound comes from, Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz has taken a fondness to it. Duritz became a fan of Foreign Fields after conference a band’s entrance album, and a musicians met any other during South By Southwest. He asked a rope to debate with him in 2012 — a initial of several Wisconsin groups who would open for a Counting Crows.

Field Report non-stop for a Counting Crows several times final year — and Daniel and a Lion’s High Noon uncover comes during a mangle in a stream Counting Crows tour, on that a Baraboo twin is opening.

“The Crows are off that night. we consternation if Adam Duritz is going to stop in and be incognito during one of those shows,” Baker said. “I consider it’s cold that he’s embraced a Madison, Wis. musicians and upheld them. It’s a cold knowledge for all those bands to have that support, identical to what Justin Vernon has finished with those Midwestern bands, generally from northern Wisconsin.”

Holl likens a attribute among all a musicians to a “big family that we’ve all combined together.”

Foreign Fields will play element from a entrance album, along with songs from an arriving manuscript available a recover date. And if they have a chance, they’ll try to hide over to a High Noon to see Daniel and a Lion.

“Everyone’s kind of connected, and they all lift adult any other and support any other,” Baker said. “It’s kind of cold that everyone’s entrance together that same night in Madison.”

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