Eclipse doesn’t destroy to deliver; Second in series

November 1, 2014 - Supermoon

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Wednesday’s obscure is a second in a array of sum lunar eclipses that outcome in a moon branch a burnt red-orange color. A array like this didn’t exist for a 300 year duration before to a start of a 20th century. For skywatchers, Wednesday’s obscure was only partial of a treat.

The lunar eventuality happened early Wednesday morning. While skywatchers hold their exhale in expectation of even a glance of a most advertised sum lunar eclipse, a clouds pennyless opposite tools of a Niagara Frontier permitting for an unrestricted perspective of a full moon as it was enveloped by a Earth’s shadow.

This obscure was opposite than most; it happened right after a closest proceed of a moon, so it was scarcely a super moon, appearing 5 percent larger.

An combined bonus, this is a second in a array of 4 sum lunar eclipses, or what astronomers call a “tetrad”. There are dual some-more identical eclipses subsequent year, with a subsequent one entrance adult on Apr 4.

The red tone is caused by incoming light from a darkened moon being sparse while flitting by a Earth’s atmosphere expelling all a other colors and permitting only a red to uncover by creation for an scary sight. That same materialisation causes red sunsets.

Many budding astronomers opposite all of a Niagara Frontier Wednesday morning, from Orchard Park to a Town of Tonawanda, or Getzville to Newfane, all had a possibility to declare a same good lunar show.

After subsequent April, a final and final obscure in this array will come on Sep 28, 2015. Don’t forget, when ever we see something function in a sky, take a design and send it along to News 4’s Report It!

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