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January 18, 2015 - Supermoon

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Several cutting-edge Bible teachers will be on residence WND’s arriving Hebrew Roots of Our Faith Mediterranean Cruise though nothing concentration some-more laser-like on a thesis than Mark Biltz.

The 59-year-old clergyman of El Shaddai Ministries nearby Tacoma, Washington, is famous for his bestselling book, “Blood Moons: Decoding a Imminent Heavenly Signs,” that explains a biblical highlight of a singular tetrad of 4 lunar eclipses occurring between Passover 2014 and a Feast of Tabernacles in a tumble of 2015.

Pastor and author Mark Biltz

Those who pointer adult for a cruise, set for Jun 8-19, will get substantial one-on-one contention time and have opportunities for personal communication with Biltz, as good as Bill Cloud of Shoreshim Ministries, and Joseph and Elizabeth Farah of WND.

One of a categorical goals of Biltz’s method is to opposite deputy theology, a suspicion that Christianity and Christians have “replaced” a Jewish people as God’s compact people and that God no longer has a devise for a Jews or Israel.

Biltz counters this doctrine by restoring a Jewishness of Yeshua, Jesus, to a Body of Christ. He is able of rising during any impulse into an in-depth training on any of a biblical feasts, since Jesus distinguished them, and since that’s critical for Christians today.

Bill Cloud

You wish to know a loyal definition of Jesus’ confront with a lady during a well?

Ask Biltz. He’s got a uninformed take on a ancient biblical account.

While many Bible teachers contend a Samaritan lady was an adulteress since she had 5 husbands, Biltz says that was expected not a case.

Elizabeth Farah

“If she had that many husbands and was an adulteress, she would have been stoned,” Biltz says. “Did women have any rights in a Middle East? Could a lady trigger a divorce? No. So a fact she’s had 5 husbands means this lady had been dumped 5 times. She was righteous. She wasn’t an adulteress. So a whole environment is one of rejection. That’s since she wasn’t during a good in a morning with a other women – she went in a feverishness of a day – since she did not wish to be reminded of a rejecting and did not wish to be tormented by all a other women.”

The categorical indicate of a thoroughfare is that Jesus, himself a male of sorrows and a male of rejection, “allows her to be a initial lady to take a gospel to a nation,” Biltz said.

Have we ever wondered about a cock crowing 3 times before Peter denied Christ?

Biltz has complicated this thoroughfare in depth. From a Hebraic perspective, he believes a denunciation used by Jesus was a embellishment for something other than a verbatim rooster.

“The gospels contend a cock crowed 3 times after Peter denied Jesus. It never happened, during slightest not like we beheld it to happen,” he said. “There never were roosters. It was a Jewish clergyman who was famous as a ‘cock crowing.’ What Jesus was observant was that by a time of a call to worship, to start a service, we will have denied me 3 times.”

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Middle Easterners in ubiquitous and Jews in sold promulgate differently than Westerners, Biltz said. They pronounce in some-more visible terms.

“It’s all word pictures. Just like a word Zion, for Jerusalem,” he said. The base word for Zion or Sion is “tzod” definition “to catch” or “to capture” and a word can be used to report a fishing hook.

“If we offshoot it adult I’ll locate all men,” Biltz said.

And Biltz has been throwing a lot of men, and women, concealment them into a modern-day dominion of God by hearkening behind to a strange roots of Christianity.

His care has garnered an bomb online ministry, now reaching 207 countries with 4 million monthly page views for his website, His internal congregation, that he started 14 years ago with his mother and dual other couples, now attracts about 800 attendees for weekly services while his “online congregation” attracts 250,000 viewers per week.

“We’re unequivocally opposite since any use we will have a Catholic, a Lutheran, a non-denominational Christian come to join us,” he said. “We have people from India, Europe. We are there to offer any tribe, republic and tongue. we consider a summary is universal. I’m training removing behind to a roots of a faith, that is what a tour is all about. we learn things that nobody’s ever listened before.”

Biltz’s believe of a Hebraic roots of Christianity and how a apostles – Peter, Paul, Matthew and a others – incorporated their bargain of a Jewish Torah and Hebrew prophets into their New Testament gospels and epistles is maybe unparalleled, pronounced Joseph Farah, boss and owner of WND.

Joseph Farah

Farah pronounced it was Biltz’s training on a blood moons that initial got his courtesy years ago. But afterwards he detected there was most some-more to a male than moons.

“It didn’t take me prolonged to discern that Biltz was frequency a one-note-johnny. His teachings on a Feasts of a Lord are unrivalled by anyone,” he said.

WND finished adult recording those teachings for a universe to hear.

“Then we began to see a brilliance of all of his teachings on a Hebraic roots of a Christian faith. So he was a healthy clergyman to entice on this first-ever tour designed to concentration on that really subject – one that brings a new appreciation and earnest to believers of any denomination,” Farah said. “We’re truly sanctified by Mark Biltz’s zeal and zeal to share his insights with all of us on this outing into a places where a faith widespread during such implausible speed during a initial century – literally branch a universe upside-down.”

Check out all of Pastor Mark Biltz’s DVDs on a “Feasts of a Lord” and “Studies in Our Hebrew Roots: Volume 1 2.”

This debate is an event for any member to spin their possess devout universe upside-down, providing chronological abyss and biblical truths in a loose vacation setting, Farah said.

Those who pointer adult for a tour will snippet a stairs of a Apostle Paul, training from consultant guides such Biltz, Cloud and a Farahs. They’ll travel by ancestral hull in Ephesus, Athens, Istanbul and Santorini.

Getting prepared for a Lord’s return

It was behind in 2008 that Biltz pronounced he was online and beheld a sum lunar obscure over a Temple Mount. He started meditative of all a Bible verses he’d review about a object extinguishing and a moon branch blood-red before a “great and terrible day of a Lord,” when all a nations will be judged.

“And as I’m study this we suspicion let’s go to NASA’s website, where all is formed on science, and we beheld there were 4 sum eclipses set to start from Mar 2014 to Sep 2015 and we felt God was saying, ‘Well, put these on a biblical calendar,’” and we started doing a investigate and found these tetrads don’t start really often, usually 8 times in 2,000 years have they depressed on a feast days.”

The 4 uninterrupted blood moons have been documented to have occurred 62 times, though a singular tetrad has occurred usually 8 times on a biblical feast days.

“Then, we demeanour during a poignant events that have occurred in story when they do happen, and what blew me divided was when we re-read Genesis 1:14,” Biltz said.

The hymn says God combined a object and a moon for signs, seasons and days and years, “but a problem word is a word ‘seasons,’” Biltz said.

“The same Hebrew word they interpret as ‘seasons’ can also meant ‘feasts.’ It has to do with a biblical calendar, a allocated times, and it’s not referring to a Gregorian calendar. It’s referring to a biblical years and a Shemitah years,” he said.

Genesis 1:14 can be some-more accurately translated as “God combined a object and a moon for promulgation signals on Passover, Rosh Hashanah, a Feast of Tabernacles and a beginnings of any biblical month,” he said.

“That’s what He is saying. So, yes, according to NASA there’s been 12,000 solar eclipses over 5,000 years and over 12,000 lunar eclipses, though usually about 4,000 sum lunar eclipses and now when we do a math over 5,000 years that means we normal usually about one sum lunar obscure any year-and-a-half. Here we have four, that creates it off a charts, and afterwards on tip of that we have them descending on a feast days, and afterwards we have these chronological happenings that occurred (during prior eclipses) in Israel in 1948-50 and 1967-69.”

A new Shemitah year, 2014-15, is now underway, and this is a initial time in complicated story where a universe will believe a tetrad of 4 blood moons famous to start in a Shemitah year, all on biblical feast days.

God also supposing for a “super Shemitah” after any seventh Shemitah or 49 years. This is called a biblical year of “jubilee” in that not usually were debts forgiven though slaves were to be set free.

“We don’t know when a festival year is, though we know it has to follow a Shemitah year,” Biltz said. So if we are headed toward a festival year, it would be in 2016.

Biltz refrains from creation predictions, though he says believers should be sharp for signs of mercantile fall and wars involving Israel during this duration of lunar phenomena.

Also of significance, a final blood moon of this stream array will be a “super moon,” definition it’s during a closest indicate to a earth of a whole year, and it will be during a Feast of Tabernacles in a Shemitah year, all of that Biltz finds impossibly exciting.

Growing adult in a Catholic home

Those who pointer adult for a tour will get to spend time picking Biltz’s mind for biblical insights.

He says he is fervent to attend in discussions, pity whatever believe he has gleaned from his research.

“That’s a categorical thing we wish to highlight is, we am there to privately accommodate with any chairman on a tour and plead a Scriptures,” Biltz said. “They’re really going to get one-on-one time with clergyman Mark. we adore articulate with people.”

They will also get to learn about Biltz’s possess tour toward a larger bargain of a Hebrew roots of a Christian faith.

Not to give divided too many details, though Biltz has seen all sides of a informative divide, carrying detected his possess Jewish birthright on his father’s side while flourishing adult in a severely Roman Catholic family.

“I was one of 9 kids lifted in a little German-Catholic city outward of Wichita, Kansas,” he said. “We had a Stations of Cross set adult in a house, and in any bedroom we had holy H2O to magnify yourself before we entered.”

When, during age 19, he told his devoutly Catholic father he had turn a born-again Christian and was withdrawal a Catholic Church, there was ruin to pay. But he can explain a rest of that story on a cruise.

Are we interested?

Find out some-more during or by job 877-768-2784, prolongation 107.

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