Discovery Channel ‘proves’ space is ‘much closer’ to Filipinos than we think

October 12, 2017 - Supermoon

Simply admiring a blue skyline or star-gazing into a night sky, anyone would always consternation about a mysteries over a Earth’s atmosphere – of outdoor space, planets, a sun, and a Milky Way.

Filipinos have witnessed a singular sum solar obscure and supposed Supermoon in a past years. But Discovery Channel has suggested lesser-known happenings in a star that would electrify internal astrophiles and scholarship buffs.

In jubilee of a annual World Space Week, Discovery Channel common 5 contribution to infer that a outdoor space is “much closer” to Filipinos:

  1. Asteroids aren’t a usually things that strike earth. Early this year, a Philippines witnessed a initial meteor showering manifest to a nation called “quadrantids,” that was pronounced to furnish adult to 40 meteors or descending stars per hour. Those quadrantids are only some of a some-more than 100 tons of element from asteroids and comets that tumble into a earth each day. But as these materials dump to a planet, some are not destroyed by friction, and passes by a atmosphere, that after becomes a descending stars and meteors humans see.
  1. Solar storm. According to a Discovery Channel, solar storms start when a object emits outrageous bursts of appetite in a form of solar flares and coronal mass ejections. This eventuality produces a tide of electrically-charged plasma that transport during millions of miles per hour, reaching a planet. In Mar 2015, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) available locally a G4-level storm.
  1. Total solar eclipses won’t be around forever. Scientists have likely that in about 600 million years, there will no longer be any sum solar eclipses due to a moon’s augmenting circuit of 1.5 inches annually. Last year, a Philippines was among a many a nations worldwide that witnessed a biggest and brightest “Supermoon”, that cruised by during a stretch of 356,621.611 kilometers, a closest it has upheld a earth given 1948.
  1. Space is not that distant away. Did we know that we could be in space in reduction than an hour if we expostulate your automobile upwards, with a stretch identical to a highway outing from Manila to Nueva Ecija? The Discovery Channel pronounced a Karman Line, that lies 100 km above earth’s sea level, is a range between earth’s atmosphere and outdoor space.
  1. The footprints on a moon will be there most forever. Scientists have proven that a moon has no atmosphere, that means that there is no breeze and no H2O to disquiet or rinse a footprints away. In tellurian terms, it might seem like forever. But in geological terms, a traces of a Apollo scrutiny will be there for 10 to a hundred million years, until a rocks erode eventually, during a rate of about 0.04 inches each 1 million years.

For some-more secrets of a unexplored cosmos, watch Discovery Channel’s Space Week this Oct 2 to 6 on Discovery Channel, 8:10 p.m. on SkyCable Ch. 36 and Cignal Ch. 140.                /kga

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