Datebook: FriendsWithYou presents ‘Super Moon’

September 18, 2016 - Supermoon

Super Moon’, a new open art designation presented by Los Angeles-based artist collective, FriendsWithYou, is on perspective during a Seokchon Lake in Seoul by Oct 3, 2016.

Super Moon’ is a 60-foot kaleidoscopic moon sculpture commissioned in a eastern partial of Seokchon Lake. The moon along with a 8 incongruous heavenly elements surrounding it creates a decorated vast space opposite a water. The LEDs automatic on a inside lighten a sculptures during night and a colors of a moon pitch and pierce placidly around a orbicular surface, while a encompassing total fire radiantly in their specific tones, vouchsafing a viewers  sense a fusing astronomical experience.

The muster is on perspective during Seokchon Lake in Seoul, Korea. For details, visit,

Click on a Slideshow for a hide look during a exhibition. 

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