Dancers to take a theatre in ‘Premium Blend’

November 15, 2017 - Supermoon

The University of Arizona School of Dance will perform a annual tumble presentation, “Premium Blend,” this Wednesday, Nov. 15, by Sunday, Nov. 19.

The opening will showcase several ballet and contemporary pieces during Stevie Eller Dance Theatre. 

Russell Ridgeway, a sophomore in a UA dance program, will perform in School of Dance visiting partner highbrow Autumn Eckman’s square patrician “Eckman Seasons.”

Ridgeway has been rehearsing with Eckman and 11 other dancers given Sep for 6 hours per week in credentials for a performance.

“I am so vehement to perform in [the show] since we consider it will be a good event to grow as an particular and as an artist,” Ridgeway said.

The School of Dance works with a garb of approximately 140 dancers and choreographers to emanate over 30 categorical theatre concerts per year, according to a UA School of Dance website. Ridgeway pronounced a dance shows are a “fun event for people to see us dance who wouldn’t otherwise.”

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The module puts equal concentration on 3 core dance styles: jazz, ballet and modern. However, “Premium Blend” focuses especially on ballet and contemporary work.

According to Ridgeway, a uncover will include of 4 pieces: “Tonadas,” “Bolero,” “Eckman Seasons” and “Meta4.” Two of these pieces, “Tonadas” and “Eckman Seasons,” were choreographed by UA faculty. 

“Tonadas” was combined by husband-and-wife group Jory Hancock and Melissa Lowe. 

Hancock is a executive of a School of Dance, and Lowe is a highbrow of dance and a executive of Student Services and Advising. Their square is a Pas De Deux, that is classically in a ballet character and achieved by a masculine and womanlike dancer.

“Eckman Seasons” consists of 3 parts: “Supermoon,” “Chicken Scratch” and a solo. Ridgeway is in a “Supermoon” section, that associate “Supermoon” dancer and tyro Paulsen pronounced represents open and consists of 6 male-female couples. Paulsen pronounced “Chicken Scratch” represents summer, and a solo, representing autumn, is achieved by Eckman herself.

Paulsen, a youth in a dance program, pronounced a “Supermoon” territory is really personalized to what any dancer can do as any chairman has their possess solo and duet.

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Originally an understudy, Paulsen was placed in a square after another dancer got harmed usually 3 weeks ago. In sequence to ready herself physically and mentally for a concert, she went to prohibited yoga to be in her best earthy figure for a opening and reviewed a square on her possess so her physique would know what to do on stage.

Eckman usually assimilated a UA School of Dance expertise this year and will entrance not usually her work though her technique and opening skills during “Premium Blend.”

Ed Flores
UA Dance Ensemble members DeQuan Lewis, Megan Garcia, Thomas Archey and Talia Hintermeister in Bella Lewitzky’s “Meta 4.” “Meta 4” is one of a pieces featured in “Premium Blend.”

 According to a School of Dance website, Eckman lerned during a Houston Ballet Academy and has professionally achieved “the works of some of a world’s heading contemporary, classical, complicated and jazz companies” with a accumulation of companies. She has knowledge directing and choreographing for Giordano Dance Chicago and has choreographed for many other companies and universities. 

Ridgeway pronounced he likes that “[the performers] kind of have a voice as to what goes on theatre since Autumn wants to see what looks good on a dancers and how they appreciate her movement.” 

Paulsen pronounced there are differences in this opening from others.

“It is opposite than many pieces we do during a U of A since Autumn doesn’t wish us to be hold in a viewpoint though wants us to be giveaway and fluent with a movement,” Paulsen said.

The other dual pieces featured in a show, “Bolero” and “Meta4,” are repertoire, definition they are classical and obvious pieces of work in a contemporary ballet category. “Bolero” was choreographed by Alexei Ratmansky, a Russian American choreographer and ballet dancer. Hancock and Lowe worked together to approach and set this square on 8 dancers. 

“Meta4” is a contemporary square choreographed by acclaimed dancer and choreographer Bella Lewitzky. UA highbrow of dance Amy Ernst destined a execution of this square on dual casts of 4 dancers. 

Tickets to “Premium Blend” are $15 for students and $35 for adults. There will be 4 dusk shows during 7:30 p.m. Wednesday by Saturday and dual matinees during 1:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. 

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