Cult fave Jeni’s Ice Cream is now accessible in Publix

March 23, 2018 - Supermoon

You competence not know a name Jeni Britton Bauer. But if we write “Jenis” in kicky cursive and hang it on a side of a pastel pint container, youve got it.

Ice cream Jeni. Shes won a James Beard endowment for her ice cream cookbook and operates 33 dip shops in 10 cities. According to a new NPR How we Built This podcast, her association has inched past $30 million in annual revenues. Her reward ice cream is in some-more than 3,000 stores national and as of currently we can try 7 flavors during Publix stores in Florida.

Proactive reporters that we are, we jumped on it, leaping into movement with cosmetic spoons and not adequate napkins. Actually, a Styrofoam bin of pint containers arrived in a newsroom during 2 p.m., famous in a business as Snack Time for Journalists.

Britton Bauer started her ice cream studies in high propagandize behind a opposite during a dip emporium in Columbus, Ohio. She left college, like in a center of class, to start an ice cream company, which, sadly, closed. She took a brief march on ice cream making, bought a imagination gelato machine, got a bank loan and attempted it again. Jenis Splendid Ice Creams was born.

For a Jenis newbie, shes achieved cult standing for her outlandish and worldly combinations (wildberry lavender, cherry lambic sorbet), for her Snowville Creamery divert and cream from cows that eat grass, oh, and also for her prices. As in, as many as $14 for a pint of ice cream. Thats Oprah ice cream territory. Still, this is ice cream people have driven opposite a state to procure, sitting in a drivers chair jubilant with a personal pint. (Three servings per? Feh.)

So what does Publix have for us in a reward ice cream reach-in (most $7.99)? From best to worst, here are Jenis offerings.

Brown Butter Almond Brittle: This is Baskin-Robbins pralines n cream, a voluptuous delayed jam version, with clods of crunchy almond frail (they call it krokan, though a some-more like crack-n) depth-charged into a buttery abounding beigeness, with an aggressive, and welcome, saltiness to cut all a sweet.

Supermoon: A limited-time offer, this one is flattering whackadoodle. Its dual takes on a smell of marshmallow, one decidedly and unapologetically vanilla, and a other a subtler violet, though not so violet that youre meditative aged lady sock-drawer sachets. Its a flattering pastel yellow swirled with a tone thats kind of purplish-green (think pastel Ninja Turtle). Somehow Jeni was fetishistic about cereal marshmallows, and this is homage.

Darkest Chocolate: Looks like solidified chocolate mousse, bittersweet with good cocoa powder, not overly sweet. If we layered this with uninformed raspberries in flattering parfait glasses, only act all puzzling when someone asks for a recipe.

Salty Caramel: Now were removing into shakier territory. Tastes some-more like brownish-red sugarine than caramel, though a pizzazz of some of a other reward salted-caramel ridiculousness. Beige like a strange Crayola flesh-color crayon, a too homogeneous. Give us a swirl, a small cocktail of Maldon salt to whistle a skirts.

Brambleberry Crisp: Huh, it reads like a frail mulched adult with an ice cream, not altogether in a good way. The rolled oat clods are a small much, a blackberries drowned out by a clever high note of cinnamon. And visually? A dispute of browns and purples, a like something on a highway median from that we avert your gaze.

Fros: My disposition is going to uncover here. we like ros. Once in a blue moon a 7-Eleven Slurpee seems like a good idea. But never a twain shall meet. A booze libation should not have a energy to give we mind freeze. This does indeed enclose wine, though does not come off as boozy, some-more like a strawberry sorbet (although pear is a initial ingredient), and it has beet and pumpkin remove for tone so maybe we can flicker and call it health food? All a other ice creams float around 310 calories per portion and this is 160. we competence penetrate a round of this in champagne if Im feeling fancy, though Im not sitting in a dim with a ladle eating my pain with this one.

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