Croissant Butter Soft Serve Is This Summer’s Trendiest Treat (and Here’s How to Get It)

July 2, 2018 - Supermoon

The foresee says 93 degrees, but we know for a fact a RealFeel is 2 million. The usually thing that can ease our sweat-drenched souls? Croissant-flavored ice cream. (!)

You’re not just heat-stroking dreaming. Supermoon Bakehouse on the Lower East Side is now serving Croissant Butter soothing offer ice cream…and we’ll take some by a gallon, greatfully and appreciate you.

What, exactly, is croissant butter? We’re not sure, solely that Supermoon says it’s a best partial of its croissant, and we trust it. The salty-sweet soothing offer is joined with droughty croissant crumbs plus a cut of croissant that’s been twice-baked with additional salt, butter and sugarine (and a color-changing crater and spoon).

We’ve strictly died and left to ice cream heaven. Take that, heat wave.

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