Complete list of each full moon in 2018, including January’s supermoon

December 14, 2017 - Supermoon

April: Pink Moon

April’s full moon is famous as a Pink Moon, though don’t be fooled into meditative it will spin pink. It’s indeed named after pinkish wildflowers, that appear in a US and Canada in early spring. 

This moon is also famous as Egg Moon, due to open egg-laying season. Some coastal tribes referred to it as Fish Moon since it seemed during a same time as a shad swimming upstream. 

When? Apr 30

May: Flower Moon

Spring has strictly sprung by a time May arrives, and flowers and charming blooms dot a landscape.

This moon is also famous as Corn Planting Moon, as crops are sown in time for harvest, or Bright Moon since this full moon is famous to be one of a brightest. Some people impute to it as Milk Moon.

When?  May 29

June: Strawberry Moon

This moon is named after the beginning of a strawberry picking season. It’s other names are Rose Moon, Hot Moon, or Hay Moon as grain is typically harvested around now.

This moon appears in a same month as the summer solstice, a longest day of a year (June 21) in that we can enjoy approximately 17 hours of daylight.

When? June 28

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