Clever time-lapse captures arise of supermoon lunar obscure (with a twist)

October 9, 2015 - Supermoon

To emanate this crafty video, photographer Mark Gee enlisted a cackle of associate shutterbugs to intersect atop a mountain in Wellington, New Zealand and take photos of a supermoon lunar eclipse on Sept. 27. He afterwards filmed their thespian silhouettes set opposite a moonrise from a good stretch away. (He used a telephoto lens that afforded him a whopping focal length of 1344mm!)

“I wanted to do something a small opposite [than] my normal moonrise videos
and indeed destined this one around 2-way radio 1.5 km divided from the
photographers,” Gee explains. “That was positively a plea in itself, though after a
few shaken moments heading adult to a moonrise, all fell into
place, and all went ideally to plan.”

This isn’t a initial time Gee has used a energy of time-lapse photography to request a majesty of a moon. Just a few years ago, he expelled a overwhelming video “Full Moon Silhouettes,” that was shot from 2.1 km divided from Wellington’s Mount Victoria lookout:

If you’d like to learn how to constraint extraordinary visuals of a moon like these, Gee wrote a highly minute educational about his sharpened technique on his blog.

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