City has a new romance, with moonlit treks

July 20, 2017 - Supermoon

BENGALURU: If you’re staying indoors on a full-moon night, afterwards we are blank out on an adventure. Bengalureans frequently organize moonlit treks for weekends.
For Rajesh R, co-founder of a movement organisation Intrepid Trekkers, a initial full-moon-night trek happened by possibility and there has been no going back. “Last October, we movement in Munnar Top Station and a night was scarcely splendid and beautiful,” says Rajesh, who has been movement for 7 years. The 27-year-old is a program veteran and runs a organisation as a hobby.

Manohar Chirrabury

“Twenty one of us only lay there, on a grassland, and enjoyed a scarcely splendid night outward of a camp,” he says. Then Rajesh had suspicion that it was only an surprising night. It was when he returned to a city that he review online about a supermoon, when a moon is full and closest to a earth. Ever since, movement on full-moon nights has been a unchanging weekend activity.
This year’s supermoon falls in Nov so a organisation has already designed an tour with over 12 participants. But distinct other such treks, this year’s will be on a beach. The group  will cover 15 beaches in 2 days, walking 2 km per hour and covering 45 km. “It is a trek curated for convenience and a lot of couples have sealed adult for it,” says Rajesh.

Beachcombers for 9 years
Bangalore Ascenders, another transport agency, has been organising full-moon treks by a beaches for a past 9 years. “We organize it once or twice a year privately around full-moon,” says Suresh Babu, an organiser. “On such nights, a beaches are well-lit and tides are stronger, a good experience.” Suresh adds a word of caution, “It is not always protected to trek during night on a beach… The trekkers mostly stay by a beach during night.”The final full-moon trek they had organized was in December, from Gokarna to Honnavar. The subsequent is in Nov because, according to Suresh, monsoon isn’t protected for such adventures by a beach.

Nature’s glory
Difference between movement underneath a light and differently is that people tend to conclude inlet some-more underneath a diffused light,” says Rajesh.Manohar Chirrabury, a 33-year-old, is on his tenth trek in 7 months. He says a ‘full-moon trek’ during Kolukkumalai is a best he has ever had. First given Manohar stood accurately on a limit between Kerala and Tamil Nadu and, second, there was a supermoon. “Facing one side, we were on a Kerala mobile network and, branch a other way, we held a Tamil Nadu signal. We were accurately during a limit during a top tea estate in a universe on a full-moon night,” he says.

I don’t consider a super-moon from a city would demeanour as pleasing as it does in a wilderness,” he adds. Moon treks, as fascinating as it sounds, are not frequent.“Most of us are on full-time jobs, so demeanour for full-moon on weekends,” says Rajesh. The best full-moon treks occur in winter, generally between Nov and January, given of intelligible skies.

Catch a moon for `36
Last November, Rajesh and a organisation of 8 held a night sight to Makalidurg hire during 5.45 pm from Majestic Railway Station. Paying Rs 16 for a sight ticket, they reached their end by 7.15 pm and they began an ascending stand to a Makalidurg hill. They were on a rise by 11.30 pm holding in a full-moon. The subsequent morning, a sight behind cost them Rs 20. Since they all had carried additional snacks, there was no additional expenditure. “It was a cheapest trek ever,” sighs Rajesh.  

Cost: Up to `3,000 given participants share a expenses
Best spots: Nijagal Betta, Makalidurga, Kabbaladurga, Kaura Kunda, Madhugiri

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