Cinematic Soul From Ikebe Shakedown Premieres On Big Takeover + Tour Dates

September 22, 2017 - Supermoon

Cinematic Soul From Ikebe Shakedown Premieres On Big Takeover + Tour Dates

Over a past 10 years, Ikebe Shakedown has polished a sound that defies genre. Their marks pierce a primal elements of ’70s soul, tender funk, and cinematic Western soundtracks together with a relentless slit and mountainous melodies. Each recover has constantly pushed their bomb instrumental character further, wowing audiences in a U.S. and around a world. Now, after substantial time building their possess analog studio, Hive Mind Recording, attack a highway with some of a many worshiped acts in a Brooklyn essence scene, and shower in a knowledge that comes from day-in, day-out vital in NYC, Ikebe is behind with their third LP, The Way Home, (Colemine Records), an manuscript that takes these sensibilities to new heights.

While a rope has always been famous for danceable grooves, The Way Home delves deeper into what it means to pierce people. As they put it, “We live in a city with a relentless pace. Sometimes, that final strain that gets we adult and shaking, yet it’s only as most about removing ourselves adult bland to take on this large life in only a few block miles.” It’s that joyous onslaught that keeps a record from being only another adore minute to New York. Says a band, “We set out to tell NYC that a feelings are a small more, well, complicated.”

Perhaps that’s given any strain tells a possess story, from a get-off-your-ass trap hits of “Penny a Snitch” to “She’s Knocking,” with a quiet-morning start that transitions to a stately call to arms. Or “Blue Giant,” that boxes like Ali, floating until it stings we with full-band jabs. And yet there might be some-more resigned moments, no strain ever goes totally still – given NYC never stops. As a rope says, “We wanted some marks to be for those predawn hours, when someone’s still out there, gripping a city humming.”

The album’s initial 45, “Supermoon” b/w “The Ally,” is a absolute avowal of a band’s place amidst a tip of a instrumental scene. With “Supermoon,” premiering on The Big Takeover, a rope directed to make “A balance that expresses all a appetite and fad we feel relocating by a city. From a opening rinse of reverb to a final pummeling drum hits, we gave it an atmosphere of mystery, given we live somewhere where anything’s probable during any time, day or night.” For “The Ally” on a B-Side, a rope sees it as a ideal element to “Supermoon” – “We wish to take a a listeners on a tour from a barebones opening to an finale that rouses them from a faint we infrequently find ourselves in, so they feel like they can take on a world.”

If we consider we know Ikebe Shakedown, check out The Way Home and ready to be awakened. And if you’ve never listened, acquire to a sound that’s richly informed yet distinct anything you’ve listened before.

Tour Dates
Oct. 19th in Philadelphia, PA during World Cafe Live
Oct. 21st in Brooklyn, NY during Union Pool
Oct. 26th in Kingston, NY during BSP Hall

The Way Home is out on Oct 20th, 2017

Available on all DSPs

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