China releases implausible images of a moon’s surface

February 2, 2016 - Supermoon

China’s National Space Administration has released a slew of overwhelming moon images taken by a Chang’e 3 lander and Yutu rover.

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The Planetary Society has posted a series of a tone HD images on a website. The cinema show, for example, a Yutu corsair pushing opposite a moon’s aspect and a Chang’e 3 lander in an implausible moonscape.

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China’s Chang’e 3 lander (Chinese Academy of Sciences/China National Space Administration/The Science and Application Center for Moon and Deepspace Exploration/Emily Lakdawalla)

The unmanned Chang’e 3 lunar goal reached a moon in Dec 2013. Last year a Yutu corsair found evidence of a new form of balsatic stone on a moon’s surface.

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China also expects to land a probe on a supposed “dark side of a moon” dual years progressing than planned, a country’s state media recently reported. The Chang’e 4 lander will strech a moon in 2018 instead of a earlier symbol of 2020, according to media reports.


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