CD: Sophie Hunger – Supermoon

May 17, 2015 - Supermoon

Any manuscript with a guest coming from Eric Cantona is going to attract attention. The eighth lane of Sophie Hunger’s Supermoon, a “La Chanson d’Hélène”, is a sumptuous, string-infused thoughtfulness on temperament with Serge Gainsbourg-style oral interjections by Cantona. But it’s not a whole story of this by-turns approach and pointed album. Head true to what follows “La Chanson d’Hélène”. “We are a Living’s” jazzy pitch and meagre arrangement suggests a fondness for Jimi Hendrix’s thinking side. Elsewhere, on “Superman Woman,” Australian low-pitched autobiographer Courtney Barnett is namechecked. Although a multi-lingual Supermoon casts a net wide, a voice is singularly contemplative.

Hunger – Émilie Jeanne-Sophie Welti – is a Swiss national. Born into a diplomat-political family, she spent time in her girl in Bonn and London. More recently, she has lived in Berlin and Zurich. Last year, she fetched adult San Francisco, where she finished Supermoon with hot, all-analogue writer John Vanderslice. The immediate-sounding outcome has a regard that could never come from a digital recording.

Supermoon is Hunger’s sixth manuscript (one was a live set) and has already surfaced a Swiss charts and sole strongly in Austria and Germany. In music-biz terms, as “GSA”, a 3 countries are one market. Whether a UK recover will assistance her mangle a Anglophone universe is a tough call. As her many awake manuscript so far, she now has a improved possibility now than previously. In a past, she lacked concentration and kept one feet in a jazz universe (hinted during here on a windy German-language “Die Ganze Welt” and a dark, trip-hopish, Art Tatum-inflected “The Age of Lavender”). She had also authorised a shade of Pixies’ quiet-loud songwriting regulation to dawn vast – this has now been escaped. Although both a fine chronicle of a manuscript with 6 additional marks and a DVD concomitant some editions of a manuscript were not granted for review, on a design offering adult there’s no reason because a intimate, capricious Supermoon shouldn’t make a mark.

Overleaf: watch a video for a pretension lane from Sophie Hunger’s Supermoon

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