Case, Veirs, lang emanate a opposite kind of energy trio

June 10, 2016 - Supermoon

It started with an email from k.d. lang to a integrate of singers she knew and admired, Neko Case and Laura Veirs. A few years later, a contingent — billing itself as case/lang/veirs — has a initial album: “case/lang/veirs” (Anti). The voices and songs, as one competence expect, are initial rate. The bigger doubt was either there would there be a clarity of chemistry, an organic feel to a kinship that would lift it above a customarily common (or worse) turn of many such hey-let’s-get-together-and-jam all-star collaborations.

As suggested by a opening “Atomic Number,” chemistry was on a minds of a singers, as well. The 3 particular voices find a agreeable center belligerent mostly adequate to forestall a manuscript from sounding like a collection of solo tracks.


Producer Tucker Martine plays a vicious purpose in a approach he gives any strain accurately what it needs, with undulating acoustic guitars, electronic textures, strings, coronet and bells. There’s a woozy psychedelia of “Supermoon” and a noir musical of “Blue Fires.” And there’s a passion for detail: The strings on “Greens of June” advise a summer zephyr rustling kitchen curtains.