Breaking Bread: My dream season of ice cream is usually in my dreams

April 12, 2017 - Supermoon

Chocolate malt-flavored ice cream with thriving amounts of pickled caramel gooeyness and ribbons of marshmallow fluff: You won’t find this season in any grocery store nearby you.

It is my dream flavor. It exists usually in my dreams.

I frequently hunt a freezer cases of grocery stores and ice-cream parlors wondering because no one else has resolved that my multiple is all one could presumably wish in an ice cream.

It’s chocolate. The malt gives a chocolate a pointed credentials season that hints during an out-of-date malted, giving it a nostalgia component. And a pickled caramel balances out a benevolence of a marshmallow swirl.

The multiple is vaguely suggestive of a Milky Way candy bar though taken to a aloft level.

Some days we consider we competence wish pickled pecans in a mix, though afterwards we remember that, when beating ice cream from a cone, we don’t like anything corpulent snapping during my tongue.

What got me meditative about my dream season is a new Velvet Ice Cream competition to emanate a season that a association will make for a 2017 Ohio State Fair. Each year, a Utica, Ohio, builder of ice cream produces a signature satisfactory flavor. (The deadline to enter is currently on Velvet’s Facebook page.)

Apparently, no ice cream maker’s research-and-development group has assured a association that my season would sell (which, of course, creates me consternation about their processes).

I recently had a possibility to discuss with Jeni Britton Bauer, owners of Columbus, Ohio-based Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, about her routine for formulating ice-cream flavors.

Jeni’s introduces new flavors several times a year, including a many new additions: Supermoon, Genmaicha Marshmallows, Osmanthus Blackberry Crackle, Cocoa Curry Coco and Orange Blossom Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt.

Her association frequently adds and subtracts flavors from a lineup during her dip shops.

How do we know what flavors will be hits? we asked.

Britton Bauer remarkable that she spent 8 years early in her career scooping ice cream during a North Market. In listening to patron feedback, she gained a feel for their likes and dislikes, she said.

“I know about people’s preferences,” she said.

I have spent decades scooping ice cream for myself, and we positively know what we like.

But season origination also requires believe of a production process, Britton Bauer explained. Costs and mixture contingency be considered.

When we hinted during a marshmallow fluff, we could see a wheels branch in her conduct as she began observant how additional sugarine levels can meddle with ice-cream freezing.

So maybe there are a few technical glitches that need to be worked out for my season to turn a reality.

But now that I’ve put my multiple out there, maybe somebody will wish to get operative on it for me.

— Lisa Abraham writes about food for The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch. Email her during or follow her on Twitter during @DispatchKitchen.

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