Boise wants Open Space and Clean Water applicants

February 15, 2016 - Supermoon

The city of Boise is on a verge of substantiating an Open Space and Clean Water Advisory Committee to investigate how a city should request $10 million to safeguarding those resources in and around Boise.

The cabinet will have adult to 9 members. Its pursuit will be to paint “the different spectrum of users who suffer a Boise Foothills, a Boise River, and open space areas of a city of Boise,” according to a news release.

The city is looking for people to paint a accumulation of areas in a city and who have “expertise and experience” in areas like ecology, wildlife biology, botany, outside distraction management, stream geomorphology, genuine estate, conservation, environmental preparation and investment management.

Email applications to Tracy Hall during

Mail applications to: Office of a Mayor, P.O. Box 500; Boise, Idaho 83701-500

In November, 74 percent of Boise electorate corroborated a two-year levy to lift $10 million for open space and H2O insurance initiatives. The income is meant to continue a achievements of a 2001 levy upheld in 2001 that lifted $10 million for insurance of pivotal Foothills land.

Applicants to a Open Space and Clean Water Advisory Committee contingency be Boise residents. They will offer staggered three-year terms. The city’s sitting Parks and Recreation Commission clamp boss — a position now hold by commercial genuine estate attorney Scott Raeber — will chair a meetings.

The focus deadline is Mar 4, city orator Mike Journee said. The city hasn’t set a timeline for convention a cabinet and holding meetings, he said, partly since a levy is so new and hasn’t generated adequate income to do most of anything.

Applications should embody a cover minute and resume. You can email them to or send them by normal mail to Office of a Mayor, P.O. Box 500; Boise, Idaho 83701-500.

For some-more information about a cabinet or for applications, call (208) 384-4403 or email

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