Blue Moon 2018: How to watch a Blue Moon THIS MONTH

March 28, 2018 - Supermoon

How to watch a blue moon?

If continue conditions are clear, a full moon should lay high on the sky for a exposed eye to see clearly.

However, a best approach to admire a full moon is by regulating a telescope and focusing on a range where light meets dim on a aspect of a moon.

Binoculars will also concede we a improved look.

Unfortunately for astronomy enthusiasts, a Blue Moon does not spin blue on Saturday, and conjunction will a Pink Moon spin pinkish on Apr 30.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich explained: “There are dual opposite definitions of a blue moon: in one there are dual blue moons in 2018 whereas in the other, there aren’t any during all! In any case, these are sincerely common events, function once each dual to 3 years.

“Despite what it sounds like, a blue moon has zero to do with a colour of a Moon.

“Instead, it is all to do with a timing of full moons during a year.”

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