Blood Moon Supermoon Incites Fears Of Natural Disasters Sep 27 & 28

September 10, 2015 - Supermoon

September 27 28 symbol a singular astronomical event.

First, it will be a full moon. Second, a moon will be in perigee—its closest vicinity to Earth along a elliptical orbit. Third, a moon will be undergoing a sum lunar eclipse, whereby it passes directly behind a Earth, cloaked in a shadow.

The latter positioning will give a moon a blood-red tint, thus, a lapse of a ominous, supposed “Blood Moon.”

NASA states a full perigee moon appears adult to 14 percent incomparable and adult to 30 percent brighter than when it is during a farthest Earth approach, called a apogee. Thus, this arriving Sep 27 28 lunar phenomenon, dubbed a “SuperMoon” in a 1970s by astrologer Richard Nolle, will be bigger, brighter (before it dims and goes dark)—and blood red.

Blood Moon Supermoon Sept. 27  28

Some trust Super Moons, such as this lunar hulk photographed Oct. 8, 2014, predict of healthy disasters and even a Apocalypse. The singular Blood Moon Supermoon will lapse on Sept. 27 28, 2015, inciting identical fears. (WikiMedia Commons)

This surprising vast joining has once again sent intergalactic chills down a spines of large Web surfers, Doom’s Day prophets and eremite folk opposite a creation who fear a blood-curling offensive paint and enormous stretch are omens of good difficulty and upheaval—even a bone-shivering vigilance of a Apocalypse.

Such foresight agonise and dismay is not supernatural (See what we did there? #SuperMoon #BloodMoon #powww) to such interstellar happenings. The Mar 19, 2011 SuperMoon—also a full moon during lunar perigee—incited fears opposite a creation of healthy disasters and other worldwide catastrophes. (It came on a heels of a 9.0 undersea megathrust earthquake—known as a 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami—which pulverized Japan and spawned harmful tsunamis that claimed some-more than 15,000 lives and caused chief meltdowns during a Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.)

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Nolle, who publishes astrological predictions on his website, has most to contend about this arriving lunar leviathan. His “September 2015 Forecast” warns not usually of a massacre caused by a imminent lunar obscure and SuperMoon, yet also of infinite solar and geophysical events ensuing from a “Mercury Max”—“a proviso in a Earth-Mercury-Sun relationship,” he explains, “when Mercury swings around from behind a Sun to locate adult and pass a slower orbiting Earth. As it does this, Mercury draws closer and closer to a home planet, until it reaches a perigee… At this time, Earth, Mercury and a Sun are aligned with Mercury in a middle, flitting between us and a Sun.”

All these happenings proportion into one ruin of a month, according to Nolle. Among some of a mayhem, he predicts heightened risks of solar and geophysical storms, impassioned tidal surges, and volcanic and seismic events.

“September shapes adult to be a biggest geophysical news story of a year: dual eclipses (one of them a SuperMoon) and a Mercury Max make for a lot of turmoil in Earth’s crust, seas, atmosphere and magnetosphere,” he foretells. “It all adds adult to a outrageous intensity for absolute storms and seismic activity; along with an boost in solar storms that worsen risks for breakdowns in electrical and electronic equipment—including a bioelectric margin that is tellurian consciousness. Sometimes a universe can feel haywire and out of control. This month looks like one of those times.

“Bringing adult a behind this month is a Sep 28 sum lunar obscure full moon during 4°41’,” continues Nolle. “This one occurs usually a integrate days before a Sun’s defective and with Mercury, a anchor indicate of a stream Mercury Max cycle. This points to a heightened risk of a solar charge outburst someday between Sep 27 and Oct 1, that is some-more or reduction constant to a Sep 25-October 4 SuperMoon geophysical charge window. This unequivocally strongly suggests an surprising conflict of clever storms and seismic activity (including volcanic eruptions) during this sold SuperMoon highlight window.

“Being astronomical in scale, a SuperMoon is during slightest potentially planet-wide in scope,” he continues. “Aside from a apparent targets—the coasts for impassioned tidal surges, and famous volcanic and seismic risk zones—the atmosphere gets a good SuperMoon stirring that can perceptible as absolute storms make-up high winds and complicated flood usually about anywhere.

“With this in mind, even yet we don’t live anywhere nearby (nor devise to visit) any tidal basins, volcanoes or seismic prohibited spots during a Sep 25-October 4 SuperMoon startle window, we still devise to make certain a bottled water, canned and dusty dishes and other puncture reserve are prepared to hand; usually in case,” adds Nolle. “That said, it doesn’t take some-more than a cursory peek during an astro-locality map for a Sep 28 SuperMoon to commend that this one is a formidable trap of risk lines. This is due to a fact that so many planets join a Sun and Moon in creation critical configurations in a sky during this time.”

Just as in 2011, NASA has taken to cyberspace to yield systematic information on this latest lunar flyby and maybe relieve some of a stress surrounding any purported inauspicious effects a moon’s tighten vicinity would describe on Earth.

On Aug. 31, NASA published an charcterised underline video about a singular rendezvous, that doesn’t make it seem all that frightening during all.

Watch video here:

On Sept. 1, Jane Houston Jones from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. published a post and podcast on about a Blood SuperMoon, too. [Listen To NASA’s Jane Houston Jones’ Blood Moon SuperMoon Podcast HERE] Her reason counters Nolle’s avowal on his website that he coined “SuperMoon” decades ago, and also tones down a extraordinariness of a event.

“On a dusk of Sep 27th, observers in North and South America will see a prolonged sum lunar eclipse—lasting 72 minutes. This obscure is also manifest in Europe and Africa,” she explains. “It’s a night of a collect moon—the full moon closest to a Sep equinox.

“Sometimes a full moon is called a “supermoon”—a tenure coined usually a few years ago,” she continues. “A supermoon is a new or full moon that occurs when a moon is during or nearby a closest proceed to Earth in a given orbit.

“There are 4 to 6 supermoons each year on average, so they’re not unusual,” adds Houston Jones. “You won’t unequivocally be means to see a disproportion between this full moon and any other one with your eyes. It’ll usually be about 7 percent larger. The moon is 221,000 miles from Earth this month, as against to a normal stretch of 239,000 miles.”

She and NASA’s assertions have finished small to squish a fears of so many who fear a Blood-Red SuperMoon as an meaningful messenger of fear and dread, however.

A Sept. 1 essay in Christian Today patrician “‘Blood Moon’ This Sep Could Be Biblical Sign Of Apocalypse, Pastors Say,” for example, starts by quoting a Bible:

“In Acts 2:20, Peter a Apostle, warned of these signs of a Apocalypse: ‘The object will be incited to dark and a moon to blood before a entrance of a good and stately day of a Lord.’

“Similarly, Revelation 6:12 described a same Apocalyptic signs: ‘I watched as he non-stop a sixth seal. There was a good earthquake. The object incited black like sackcloth done of goat hair, a whole moon incited blood red,’” it continues.

The essay goes on to tell how dual pastors—Mark Blitz and John Hagee—believe a Blood-Red Supermoon could be revealing signs of a intensity approaching Apocalypse, citing a timing as a final of a 4 supposed “Blood Moons” within a final 18 months, a tighten vicinity to Pope Francis’ revisit to a United States, and a boost in tellurian seismic activity in new years.

One thing’s for sure, dear readers. The Sept. 27 28 “Blood Moon” “Supermoon” has prisoner a imaginations—and fears—of large worldwide and will be a cosmic-lunar fantastic of epic proportions that viewers will remember prolonged after a flush hues blur behind into a bright, white, informed amber heat we Earthlings all know and love.


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