BANDITS with Super Moon and Mobius – Omaha World

March 2, 2016 - Supermoon

9pm. $5. 21+


Super Moon


BANDITS are a impassioned bowling ball, shot out of a homemade cannon into a side row of midst 80’s Ford Bronco. 

Led by a unmatched chemistry of brother/sister John and LuLu Demitro, and driven by a eruptive pitter-patter of Andrew Oakley, BANDITS have, “managed to enter a aloft multitude of dexterity by discharging a code distinct any others in a provincial industry.”

Straddling a line between unusual and officious explosive, BANDITS find themselves sketch in confused listeners to a focal indicate of sound, only before pulling behind with adequate appetite and appetite to hit a asbestos out of a roof of your towns soiled stone club.




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