Shortly after releasing their self-titled debut in 2014, North Carolina’s Ancient Cities were invited to play Rhode Island’s famed Newport Folk Festival for a initial time. Turns out a a festival, with a prolonged tradition of ancillary folk-rooted stone acts, was a ideal place for them to not usually file their folk arrangements on one of a biggest live platforms in a US, though a good boost of movement as they headed behind into a studio to work on their subsequent project.

Forthcoming sophomore manuscript Supermoon Blackout is a outcome of those sessions. Recorded during both Converse Rubber Tracks Studio in Boston and first member Stephen Warwick’s home studio, it’s an 11-track collection that sees Ancient Cities pushed out of their comfort zones, carrying adopted a sound with utterly a bit some-more punch as good as a sentimental adore for a heydays of stone and roll.

Opening lane “Marmalade” captures a hint of a new LP and is something of a roadmap that sum a band’s course given a Ancient Cities predecessor. The catchy, lightsome folk cocktail stylings of early songs “Novella” and “Station” are still present, though now they’re joined with a bolder unusual hold noted by reverb-heavy strut and searing, sawtoothed guitar solos.

The strain “encompasses a tender appetite of a whole manuscript with a fuzzed out guitars and curtsy to 60s 70s stone n roll,” Warwick tells Consequence of Sound. “With it’s hand-clapping and Na-Na-Na chorus, it’s a balance that will be now stranded in your conduct as you’re singing along.”

Stream it below.

Supermoon Blackout strictly arrives on Jul 1st.

Supermoon Blackout Artwork:

supermoon trance new manuscript Ancient Cities premiere rockin new singular Marmalade    listen

supermoon trance new manuscript Ancient Cities premiere rockin new singular Marmalade    listen

Supermoon Blackout Tracklist:
01. Marmalade
02. Phases
03. Sunburn
04. Luck
05. Time Traveler
06. Supermoon Blackout
07. All Rise
08. Actress
09. Midnight
10. Sorceress
11. Losing My Mind