After a super, blood, full moon of 2015, what does a moon have for us in 2016?

January 5, 2016 - Supermoon

The moon became a media and amicable media heavenly in 2015.

Every supermoon – a full moon that looks about 14 percent incomparable than an typical full moon since it occurs when a moon is during a closest proceed to Earth – was trumpeted.

And when a supermoon coincided with a lunar obscure that also is prejudiced of a blood moon tetrad – 4 unbroken sum lunar eclipses, with no prejudiced lunar eclipses in between – a heads fundamentally exploded.

So what does a moon have in store for us in 2016?

While there won’t be a Blood Moon tetrad, there will be 3 supermoons: Oct. 16, Nov. 14 and Dec. 14.

A Blue Moon, that is a fourth full moon in a deteriorate of a year and gave arise to a phrase, “once in a blue moon, will start May 21.

The moon will be concerned in a sum solar obscure – moon totally blocks a Sun – on Mar 9, though a assemblage will usually be manifest over a Pacific Ocean.

An annular solar obscure – moon blocks most of a Sun, display as a ring of light around a darkened moon – will be manifest Sept. 1, though usually over Africa and a Indian Ocean.

A penumbral lunar eclipse, that occurs when a moon passes by Earth’s prejudiced shadow, is approaching Sept. 16. The moon will darken, though not completely, and it won’t be manifest from North America.

Full moons will occur:

  • Jan. 23, Full Wolf Moon, Old Moon
  • Feb. 22, Full Snow Moon, Full Hunger Moon
  • March 23, Full Worm Moon, Full Crow Moon, Full Crust Moon, Full Sap Moon
  • April 22, Full Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Growing Moon, Egg Moon, Full Fish Moon
  • May 21, Full Flower Moon, Full Corn Planting Moon, Milk Moon
  • June 20, Full Strawberry Moon, Full Rose Moon, Full Honey Moon
  • July 19, Full Buck Moon, Full Thunder Moon, Full Hay Moon
  • Aug. 18, Full Sturgeon Moon, Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon
  • Sept. 16, Full Corn Moon, Harvest Moon
  • Oct. 16, Full Hunters Moon, Travel Moon, Blood Moon
  • Nov. 14, Full Beaver Moon.
  • Dec. 13, Full Cold Moon, Full Long Nights Moon.

New moons will be on Jan. 9, Feb. 8, Mar 8, Apr 7, May 6, Jun 4, Jul 4, Aug. 2, Sept. 1 and 30, Oct. 30, Nov. 29, and Dec. 29

First-quarter moons will be on Jan. 16, Feb. 15, Mar 15, Apr 13, May 13, Jun 12, Jul 11, Aug. 10, Sept. 9, Oct. 9, Nov. 7 and Dec, 7.

Third-quarter moons will be Jan. 31, Mar 1, Mar 31, Apr 29, May 29, Jun 27, Jul 26, Aug. 24, Sept. 23, Oct. 22, Nov. 21 and Dec. 20.

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