A New Year’s Dawn

January 2, 2015 - Supermoon

With a new year afoot, we try to make resolutions for a improved we and this Christmas we was means a ‘vape’ coop by my eldest and have been tobacco giveaway for 9 days.

The will is there however since of a story we review about CJOnline Editor Sherman Smith’s sister, Stephanie.  This extraordinary lady fell off of a 5 story patio and survived several damaged bones, a damaged behind and a 12 week coma.

“When Stephanie Smith fell 5 stories from a Kansas City patio in July, doctors didn’t consider she would survive. She suffered from a collapsed lung, cracked left heel, and damaged arms, legs and some ribs. Smith’s behind was broken, and she woke adult from a 12-day coma.”

“Smith doesn’t know because she fell. A lerned electrician, she pronounced it’s probable she had climbed a patio rail to demeanour closer during a “Super Moon.” She was found during 4 a.m. in a hotel parking lot.”

“No one competence ever know because she fell, though a reason has small to do with what’s ahead. After 4 months of in-patient treatment, she’s home in Reading. Every slight charge is one some-more thing Smith has to relearn as a paraplegic.” 

Read Stephanie’s story here,  but know that this dauntless lady has worked really tough to urge her peculiarity of life and as a new year dawns, she is my impulse to take a formidable demeanour during mine.

From Boston College, dual thirds of Americans don’t splash adequate H2O and I’m one of them, though my small hermit means me a 32 oz. bottle only for this purpose.

While my weight has always been a struggle, years off with several disabilities hasn’t finished to most for my figure, though instead of worrying about weight loss, I’m going to concentration on a Eat Well plate, and build a fast to embody lots of walking.

Stephanie can shake her toes and competence be means to travel in a few years, take a step with us to urge your peculiarity of life. 

source ⦿ http://cjonline.com/blog-post/keri/2015-01-02/new-years-dawn

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