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June 18, 2017 - Supermoon

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Suzanna Montoya is strong-willed, tough-talking, correct … and loving. She is a pitch of mid-20th century womanlike empowerment before a feminist transformation came into play.

Susanna is a protagonist in Irene I. Blea’s novel “Beneath a Super Moon.”

One aspect of Suzanna’s impression “is formed on a story of my aunt on my father’s side. we wanted to constraint a (New Mexico Hispanic) tradition of marrying younger women to comparison men,” Blea pronounced in a phone interview. ”

In a novel, Suzanna reflects on her organised matrimony to a most comparison Felipe. She gimlet him dual sons, Celestino and Efrán, though she left him and a boys since Felipe was abusive. Felipe divorced Suzanna, who was forced to give adult her visitation rights with her children.


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Over a years, Suzanna talks about ancillary herself operative in a bar.

And in doing so, she had to deflect off scorn from her ex about being a lax lady (una mujer suelta). But her best crony Beatriz permitted Suzanna’s life as a “liberated” adult.

Irene I. Blea

Suzanna competence have been disloyal from her sons, though she stays in hold with a granddaughter and niece. For them, Suzanna becomes a voice of wisdom, advising them to mount adult for themselves, to get a college preparation during a University of New Mexico, to be politically active.

It’s all about Suzanna’s faith that younger generations of Hispanic women should be whatever they wish to be, notwithstanding what relatives or grandparents competence say.

Suzanna is a lens by that readers learn about a her family’s family as good as learn about New Mexico’s Hispanic enlightenment and a rising change of a Chicano movement. The novel covers a mid-1950s to a mid-1960s.

Purposely unstated is a geographical environment of a third volume, though a author records that Suzanna lives alone in a tiny residence in a village between a Great Plains and a Rocky Mountains. Blea wants readers to demeanour during a protagonist’s “state of being.”

“Beneath a Super Moon” is a final volume in a trilogy. The initial volume, “Suzanna” (2010), is set in northern New Mexico, where a author’s family is from. Book 2, “Poor People’s Flowers,” (2014) is set in Pueblo, Colo.

“In Book 2, we wanted to request women migrating. Usually they were doing so since they were using divided from something, as Suzanna does,” pronounced Blea, an Albuquerque resident.


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“The behind story is how people migrated out of New Mexico, to Colorado, Wyoming and some into California and Arizona. Part of what I’m doing is documenting a story of Spanish-speaking people in New Mexico.”

Taken together a 3 books cover a duration from 1920 to 1965.

Blea’s apt storytelling in “Beneath a Super Moon” is unfortunately painful by a array of modifying miscues, generally misspellings.

Blea wrote a book “Daughters of a West Mesa,” an review into a barbarous array of unsolved crimes – a immature women murdered and dumped on Albuquerque’s West Mesa.

She is also a author of radical feminist communication and a author of 8 sociology textbooks on competition and gender relations.

Irene I. Blea discusses, signs “Beneath a Super Moon” during 1 p.m. Saturday, Jun 24, during Bookworks, 4022 Rio Grande NW.


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