30 weirdest things that have cleared adult on beaches around a world

May 15, 2015 - Supermoon

Bombs, shoes, Doritos… it’s utterly a list

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Terschelling, NETHERLANDS:  People travel on a Dutch island of Terschelling after thousands of boots cleared on a beach in 2006. Photo: Arie Ouwerkerk/AFP/Getty Images
Terschelling, NETHERLANDS: People travel on a Dutch island of Terschelling after thousands of boots cleared on a beach in 2006. Photo: Arie Ouwerkerk/AFP/Getty Images
Message in a bottle… usually a commencement of a mysteries that have cleared adult on a world’s beaches.
Heavy machine moves shipping containers that have come ashore on Waihi beach in a Bay of Plenty on Jan 9, 2012 a day after a bucket boat Rena pennyless adult in a storm. Photo: Marty Melville/AFP/Getty Images
Surfing in Cornwall
Glass Beach in MacKerricher State Park (California, USA)

Think beaches, and object escapes open to mind. But holidaymakers aren’t a usually things to rinse adult on sandy shores.


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The sea covers roughly 3 buliding of a Earth’s surface, and it’s got no necessity of bizarre objects bobbing their approach towards a beaches.

UK logistics company, Barrington Freight, has been researching a weirdest and many smashing things that have done it ashore. Here’s their Top 30:

Shoe collectors

Terschelling in a Netherlands has a prolonged story of products soaking ashore, and many internal houses are built from driftwood and wrecks. Half a million boots cleared adult in 2006 (pictured above), after a enclosure boat mislaid a load.

Happy hour

In 1941, a SS Politician was wrecked off a seashore of Eriskay while carrying 28,000 cases of malt whisky. Locals rushed to deliver a cargo, creation off with 24,000 bottles before etiquette officials sank a hull.

Return to sender

A parcel of 57 letters, sent from a lady to her beloved during WWII, was found on a New Jersey beach after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The finder tracked down a woman, and returned a letters to her.

Bombs away!

A U.S. Navy training cave was detected on Miami beach in 2011, and quickly private by an consultant explosve squad. Worryingly, authorities still don’t know where a 6ft prolonged explosve came from.

Animal attractions

Thousands of cosmetic beavers, frogs, turtles, and ducks fell off a boat in 1992. They have trafficked adult to 17,000 miles, been solidified in Arctic ice, and are used by oceanographers to map sea currents.

Glass is permanent

Fort Bragg’s Glass Beach is lonesome in ‘sea glass’ – shards of potion that were creatively dumped there in a 1960s as rubbish, and have given been incited into well-spoken fragments by a pulsation waves.

Glass Beach in MacKerricher State Park (California, USA)

Just do it!

Marine scientists also lane 60,000 Nike shoes, that were mislaid during sea during a whirly in 1990. Trainers can boyant for 10 years, and ruins from a conveyance have cleared adult around a world.

Eyes front…

A gigantic eyeball a distance of a grapefruit was found on a Florida beach in 2012, baffling scientists and promulgation a internet into a frenzy. It’s now believed a physique partial came from a swordfish.

Bone collectors

During a diversion of beach cricket in 2011, a organisation of Cornish holidaymakers detected their temporary ‘driftwood’ cricket bat was indeed a 300-year-old leg bone of a long-dead shipwrecked sailor.

Tidal waves

The 2011 Japanese tsunami swept 20 million tonnes of element into a sea. A 66ft-long petrify wharf from Misawa drifted all a approach to Oregon – with dual other docks from a city still missing.

Tokyo drifters

A Harley-Davidson motorbike also survived a Japanese tsunami, travelling 4,000 miles to Canada in a immeasurable white container. The owner, Ikuo Yokoyama, was tracked down by a series plate.

Lego moving

Almost 5 million Lego pieces fell from a boat off Land’s End in 1997. Thousands of little total have been found on a beaches of Devon and Cornwall since, and some people are zealous collectors.

Surfing in Cornwall? watch out for a Lego!

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Mystery whale

A immeasurable white ‘globster’ – a blob with 5 little limbs – was detected in Mangrove Bay in 1988. Scientists during a time were bemused, nonetheless it has given been genetically identified as a whale.

Puck’s sake…

Alaskan hockey fans were given an astonishing present in a early 90s. Two containers fell from a bucket boat in a Pacific, eventually depositing some 34,000 hockey gloves and shin guards on a shore.

On a fly

The same Alaskan beaches were flooded with cosmetic fly swats in 2012. Originally suspicion to be waste from a Japanese tsunami, they were eventually traced behind to a Chinese enclosure ship.

Tea party

Nine containers of tea went overboard off a seashore of India in 2010. When a packets were recovered by locals, they were lonesome with oil from a stricken boat – creation them undrinkable.

Bombs on a beach

The 2011 ‘supermoon’ caused high tides opposite a world. One of these supermoon-fuelled tides cleared adult 100 live WWII bombs onto a Hampshire beach, where they were detonated by a Navy.

40-foot fender

A immeasurable rubber Yokohama buffer – designed to forestall ships from bumping into docks – came to seaside on Thornham beach. Mysteriously, nobody had reported a outrageous 40ft structure as missing.

Message in a bottle

Japanese soldier Chunosuke Matsuyama was shipwrecked on a Pacific island in 1784. Before he died, he wrote a summary in a bottle. This cleared adult 151 years after – in a encampment where he was born.

Message in a bottle… what poser lies within?

Breakfast on a beach

Terschelling strike a headlines again in 2007, when another boat mislaid several containers. Residents woke adult to find their beaches dirty with thousands of bananas – many of them protected to eat.

Puke perfume

A propitious dog hiker found a 6lb pile of ambergris – also famous as whale puke – on a Lancashire beach in 2013. This sharp piece is used to make perfume, and was value adult to £100,000.

Drugs don’t work

Drug smugglers go to impassioned lengths to pierce their things opposite borders. Six bags of heroin – value around €62 million – were found by a licentiate on a Japanese beach in 2013.

Freaky creatures

When an unclear remains cleared adult on a Long Island beach, authorities pronounced a quadruped was a raccoon. However, some locals trust it was an transient hybrid from a Animal Disease Centre.

Confusing crabs

Millions of pea-sized purple creatures came ashore on a shores of Hawaii, treacherous scientists. They were after identified as immature crab larvae, incompetent to dive due to atmosphere froth in their shells.

Travelling tombstones

Two tombstones from a 1800s cleared adult on a San Francisco beach. The poser was eventually solved – they were repurposed to make a circuitously sea wall in a 1940s, and were cleared loose.

Cold feet

Since 2007, some-more than a dozen severed tellurian feet have been detected on a shores of British Columbia. Detectives still don’t know who many of them go to, or because they keep soaking up.


Shipping containers mostly penetrate when they tumble overboard. However, polystyrene make-up can make them boyant – that explains because 4 containers arrived total on a New Zealand beach in 2011.

beach containers.jpg
Containers rinse adult on a New Zealand beach, 2012

Biscuits in Blackpool

Blackpool is famous for a building and illuminations. In 2008 it done headlines for a opposite reason, when thousands of McVitie’s biscuits fell off a circuitously packet and cleared adult on a resort’s beaches.

No smoking, please!

When £3million value of cigarettes began soaking adult on UK beaches, scores of people attempted to save them. However, HMRC had other ideas, and soon burnt a packets to furnish electricity.

Crisps in North Carolina

When packets of Doritos began appearing on a North Carolina beach, people rushed to a area. The inspired beachcombers were rewarded, as many of a hermetic packets were ideally protected to eat.

For some-more on Barrington Freight, see their website here.

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