2014 Perseid Meteor Shower vs. Supermoon: Best to View Meteor Shower …

August 1, 2014 - Supermoon


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However, Bill Cooke positive that a Perseids will still be manifest notwithstanding a liughtness of a Supermoon. “The Perseids are abounding in fireballs as splendid as Jupiter or Venus,” Cooke explained.

The space group serve claimed that those in a northern hemisphere will have a best observation knowledge of a 2014 Perseid meteor shower. Observers should conduct to a dim plcae that is distant divided from a splendid city lights. Meanwhile, astronomers advise that observers should not use dungeon phones while observation a meteor showering arrangement so their eyes will be means to adjust faster.  

After a double provide of a 2014 Perseid meteor showering and a Supermoon in a night sky, a Orionids meteor showering will be a subsequent sky arrangement that observers should demeanour out for. The Epoch Times report claims a meteor showering will flog off on Oct. 2, 2014 and final until Nov. 7, 2014 with a rise scheduled from Oct. 21 to 22. For a 2014 Orionids meteor shower, NASA positive that no full moon not interference a dim skies will offer a sky watchers a auspicious observation knowledge of a splendid and discerning meteor showering display.

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